Clean Energy North America LLC, (“CENA”) was created to capitalize on the fast-growing clean energy power production industry. Founders Greg Fritsch and Murray Sim began the firm on a broad base of expertise and experience in banking, utility management, operations and consulting. CENA is an assemblage of financial experts, management consultants, former utility management and rate structuring executives, combined heat and power plant engineers, and selected experts with experience in nearly all aspects of project development, deal structuring and operations management.

CENA has used its unique business model to quickly become a leader in the study and development of non-utility scale bio-energy and natural gas generation and co-generation projects for clients who are seeking a strong financial and environmental friendly option to gain control of their utility and waste disposal costs. CENA works with clients who will own and operate these facilities as well as those who are seeking an investor owned, turn-key, fully financed, on-site clean energy production solution, regardless of industry segment.

At the heart of CENA is a proprietary project development and financial model that quickly allows CENA to disqualify projects that do not meet the typical investor threshold of acceptability. It is also an excellent tool for internal decision makers to vet projects, from both a financial and technical viability standpoint. In short, CENA can create its own projects or assist others in making their projects better.